Over the last years, the world has shifted a lot especially in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic many businesses have shut the doors to physical customers and going online is the best option. Here in Nigeria many businesses have started to know the value of their online presence and are always searching for ways to be visible to their customers online.

Today we will be discussing reasons I think web design is a good career choice for you.

These days almost everyone is online either on their social media, google, or other places online trying to source information either news, music, video, movies and also to shop and buy things, people have started to depend on the online presence of a business. Nowadays when someone hears about your business the first thing the person does is to search you online because it is believed that most things are online.

Business owners have started to realize the importance of their online presence is working hard to get customers through the network.

Web design

Is Web Design A Good Career In 2021?

The need for websites is perhaps not something that will decline anytime soon.

New and old businesses are now going online and that means they need websites

These days almost everyone wants a website.

You can learn web design to work as a freelance, join a company or design websites for yourself.

Most businesses now need a web designer/ developer as part of the business


Do you need to be a graduate to become a web designer?

A college or university degree isn’t necessary to be a web designer or web developer, there are people who make it big as a web designer without going to school, you just need to know how to read that’s all and you are good to become the next best website designer.


How to become a web designer?

  • Decide on the platform you would like to use for beginners (WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, etc.) and/or learn programming languages like HTML/CSS and JavaScript
  • Take online courses or watching Youtube tutorial videos
  • Get online certifications
  • Start creating websites and marketing yourself

Do website designers earn well?

Website design is the fastest growing and one of the most paid jobs nowadays, you can earn N100,000 to N3,000,000 per job, you can get a full-time job that pays very well and also work concurrently as a freelancer.

If you thinking of venturing into web design, I will say it’s a good option, especially in this era.