Today we will be discussing how to start a photography business in Nigeria and earn very well with it, photography is a nice business especially in the right location, we have many people who need photos for their wedding, birthdays, modelling, arts and more, today we’d be discussing how to start a photography business in Nigeria and how to earn extra income by selling your picture online.

Starting a photography business depends on the money you have in hand, You can start a photography business with N200,000 as well as N5,000,000 it all depends on how much you have to start with, so in this post, we will split it into two starting with a little and starting big.

Before we start I will recommend that if you have less than N500,000 you shouldn’t go for studio photography yet, try to get a good camera and start as a mobile photographer you can rent studio space in case your client wants a studio session.

Things needed to start a photography business

To discuss the items needed to dive into photography, I will split them into two categories

  • Mobile Photography
  • Studio Photography

In mobile photography, you try to get clients through your pages and handles, if you are a student, you can start with your coursemates, friends and family and either go to their location or you go for outdoor shoots with them somewhere.

Street photography

For a mobile/street photographer all you need are:

  • Camera
  • Laptop
  • Light (either Speedlite or strobelight)
  • Softbox plus stand

In studio photography you will rent a space and clients will be able to locate you and you can also go for outdoor shoots like weddings and events.

Photography Business

For studio photography, you will need to;

  • Rent a shop
  • Get at least 2 strobes or speed light
  • Two softboxes and two light stand
  • Computer system
  • Backgrounds
  • Furniture
  • Camera

The above are the basic things you need to start a photography business there are a lot of other things, but for a start, you should only get the above.

Things to know before starting a photography business

  • Before starting a photography business you will need the skill, photography is easy to learn, but you can employ someone with the skills to work for you, to get people to patronise you, you will need to be good, so take your time and learn, there are a lot of courses and videos online that can teach you photography/
  • Your camera and lenses are your greatest assets, get the best, try to maintain and take good care of them.
  • Worry about your camera and lenses first, buy the best you can afford.
  • As you dive into the world of photography you will discover a lot of equipment and tools to make your work easier, so never stop learning.
  • You grow as you work, with everyday practice, you are eventually sharpening your skills in photography.
  • Social media is your greatest advertising tool, so utilize it very well.

How to set up a photography studio

To set up a standard photography studio, you will need at least N1,000,000 though you can do it for less if you want to get cheaper equipment, so to set up your photography studio.

You will need to rent a shop first, shop ranges from N100,000 above, depending on the kind of space you will be needing, you then get a camera a standard camera with the lens for a will cost you about N500,000, you will need to get at least two strobe lights which will cost about N150,000 plus 2 softboxes, I will recommend at least 120cm which will be about N60,000, two light stands which will be around N40,000 backgrounds depending on the type you need, will cost about N15,000 each, a computer system with good display will cost about N100,000 and some furniture a generator which will be around N50,000. depending on the amount you have you can furnish the studio and put air conditioners, lights and decorations. Cameras can cost up to N5,000,0000 but for a start get a moderate one, as time goes by you can swap for a better one or buy a new one and use the older one as a second camera.

How much do photographers earn?

Photography is a nice business as everyone wants to keep memories especially during events, some photographers charge up to 2 million for a single wedding package, you can also make cool passive income selling your pictures online on platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe stock, photo shelter, tour picture and more just search online for sites to sell your pictures.

If you have any questions regard the photography business you can comment before and wed be glad to help out.

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