YouTube has become the biggest video directory in the world, we often rush to YouTube for tutorial videos, music videos, comedy, News, documentaries, reviews and more, YouTube is growing rapidly every day with people making millions of Naira with it. You can start your creator journey now and earn from YouTube with just a few simple steps.

YouTube is owned by Google so all you need to start your journey is your google account.

Before you start your YouTube channel read this first

Many people just rush to YouTube and create channels because they heard they can earn from YouTube without knowing what to do or having any content, don’t make that mistake.

Before starting your YouTube channel make here are some rules that will make your channel successful.

Choose your niche, know what you will be doing on the channel, either tutorials, music, reviews, news, gist or anything

YouTube and Google hate copyright, you can’t just go and pick someone’s video and publish it on your channel you’d be flagged for copyright. Try and be creative, create your content yourself.

Learning video editing will help you a lot it’d save you a lot of stress and making a good video attracts viewers.

You won’t start earning immediately you will need to grow, it’s a gradual process so patience is the key.

Creating your own content is the best, do what you love for example if you love travelling you can get a camera, record videos and upload.

Items needed to start a YouTube channel

  • You will need a computer or mobile phone
  • Internet connection
  • A camera if you are making your videos

How to create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy all you need is a google account.

Visit click on sign in, use your google account if you have one, you can create new if you don’t have a Google account.

Click on your account picture and select create a channel

Create YouTube Channel

Enter your preferred channel name and upload a picture to represent your channel.

That’s all you can customize or upload videos to your channel


How to start earning with your YouTube channel

YouTube has changed their policy so you can’t start earning on a new channel, you will need to get at least 1,000 subscribers and also 4,000 watch hours to join the YouTube partner program and monetize your content.

With the right content you can achieve within a short period and also put in mind that you won’t start earning immediately so you will need to take time and invest in the channel and also be consistent with your content, there is always viewers waiting to view your videos.

When you are ready for monetization a mail will be sent to you welcoming you to the Youtube partners program, you will then verified your details and address to start receiving payments.

Many people are making millions on YouTube with simple content, with content they shot from their bedrooms or from the back of their house, so what are you waiting for get creative and start making videos.

How to make great YouTube Videos

Making quality and HD videos attract more viewers and I also I will recommend you learn video editing good edited videos will sell you out faster.

I will recommend that you get Adobe premiere pro for your PC or Mac and if you are using a mobile phone kineMaster will do the task, download and get started, there are many video editing tutorials and courses online which can boost your skills.

That’s all for the Youtube video channel if you have any questions, suggestion please use the comment box below.

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