Recharge cards are one of the items that have the most sales here in Nigeria, every corner, urban or rural area you go in Nigeria there are people needing recharge cards as part of their daily lives, we will be discussing how you can tap into the recharge card printing market and earn huge cash.

Things you will be needing to start a recharge card business

  • A computer system or Tablet
  • Starting capital
  • Internet Connection
  • Your email address
  • Printer
  • A software for decrypting the codes
  • Papers to print on

Recharge cards

How to start printing recharge cards

There are two major ways of printing recharge cards:

  • Voucher card machine
  • Voucher software

Voucher card printing machine

  • To print recharge vouchers from your machine, you will need to deposit into the account connected to the machine, a bit like the way your phone works, you need a recharge card to make calls and without credit, you can’t make calls, likewise the machine.
  • The machine features a dedicated account which you deposit into. After getting the machine, you would need to make a minimum deposit of N10,000.
  • The higher the cash you deposit into your machine account, the higher the number of vouchers you’re ready to print. Without recharging it by depositing money into the account you can’t print cards.
  • Once the deposit is completed into the account, the bank credit the machine back thereupon same amount.

Voucher Software

You can buy recharge card decrypting software from your dealer, the software can be installed on your computer system which will help in decrypting the recharge pins sent to you email by your dealer, the recharge card software is cheap to purchase, you will also need a printer to print out the pins after decrypting them with the software.

How to use software to print vouchers

  • Contact your voucher dealer to get the software
  • Install the software on your computer system
  • You will be sent encrypted pin codes by your dealer to your mail address, and you will need to decrypt using the software you installed on your computer system.
  • Connect your printer and print the recharge cards and cut and sell them.

Usually, voucher software is not expensive, some dealers give the software out freely for buying vouchers with them, you will only need to pay for the E-pins. there are many e-pin sellers online like You can check online for voucher E-pin sellers.

Who are the Recharge cards, mega dealers?

The mega dealers are the big men in the recharge card business the get their pins directly from MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile, and sell them to wholesalers at their various prices.

Is the recharge card business profitable?

Recharge card businesses are very profitable depending on your market size, you can make N10,000 to N50,000 daily depending on your location and the size of your market, you get an average of N4 per pin which in terms you sell in bulk, you can also be a major distributor in your vicinity.

How much does it cost to start a recharge card printing business?

To start printing recharge cards you will need the following;

  • A laptop, you can get a fairly use laptop for N35,000 you don’t need a powerful system to start
  • A printer which will cost about N15,000
  • A4 paper which is about N1500
  • A small generator which will be about N30,000
  • The e-Pins to start with N15,000

If you sum up the above it’s even less than N100,000 which is a good start, you can later get a shop as the business progress.

If you thinking of venturing into the recharge card business, I personally think it’s not a bad idea, you don’t need a shop, you can start printing recharge cards from your room and distributing it to your customers.

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