Pure water (sachet water) is one of the most consumed commodities in Nigeria, almost every street is filled with pure water hawkers and make a lot of sales especially on a dry sunny day, walking down the street what you hear the most is “pure water”.

Starting and registering a pure water business is a very good way to make money here in Nigeria. we will discuss how to start a pure water factory and make money from it.

Below we will discuss the simplest method to start your own pure water business

First of all, you need to plan out the location you want the factory to be situated, the capital you have on in hand and also the kind of shop/apartment to rent for the business, if you are renting a shop it should be at least two with a large space as you will need a place to produce and store the bags of water. You can start small and then move to a better place as the business increases.

To start your pure water business here below outline ways to achieve it.

pure water

1. Name and NAFDAC registration

You will need to register your business with CAC to start whether you are a sole proprietorship or a corporate body, CAC registration is very important to start a business especially a pure water business. You then proceed to visit NAFDACto obtain a licence from them, they will give you a NAFDAC registration number which will be included on your label, also you will register will tax bodies like federal inland revenue or your local tax body.

2. Getting and Preparing a place

Choosing the right location is very important for your business, you need to study the area in which you want your company to be situated and also study the market and understand, and also how goods will reach you from your suppliers.

3. Borehole and Overhead tank

To get cheaper and uninterrupted access to water you will need to sink a borehole to get water for your production and also you will need to install an overhead tank to store water for you.

4. Distillation system to purify water

You will need to install distillation systems for water purification, there are full-scale distillation systems or ultraviolet sterilization bulbs process the systems cost millions of naira, you will need to contact an expert to suggest and install the systems for you, this is one of the expensive things in the business.

5. Sealing Machines

You will need to get a sealing machine, there are automatic sealing machines available, you can check the cost of sealing machines online or by going to the market.

6. Packaging materials

You will need to get nylon rolls with your company’s name and details printed on it, you can contact your supplier for nylon rolls and printing.

7. Recruitment

You can now start recruiting staff from machine operators, cleaners, drivers, packagers, sales staff, securities and supervisors. You can get a manager to manage and maintain things.

8. Electricity

You will need to connect power and also get backup generator to support the productions, depending on the capacity of the company, you should seek advice on the kind of power generators to use.

9. Distribution truck

You will need a distribution truck to help with the pure water supply to your customers, for it’s a way to get retailers to buy your water.

10. Advertisements

You can start reaching out to pure water retailers to know you operate and can also start a promo with a discount so people can start patronizing you.

That’s all the above 10 steps is the easiest method to start your own pure water pure (sachet water) business.

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