Google AdSense is the number one paying ads network for publishers, you earn income by selling ad space on your website, the revenue is generated by the number of clicks and views called an impression, the more page views you get on your website the more revenue you earned, Google Adsense is easy to register and get it up and running, but first, before you apply for google AdSense there are some things you will need to know.

Requirements before applying for Google Adsense

Google AdSense publisher network review website applications manually to verify websites contents. Your website must be completely designed with about page, privacy policy and terms and conditions. Google Adsense is very good at checking website content, so before applying please make sure you have at least 20 posts with rich content and also free from copyrights. So before applying for Google AdSense make sure your contents are rich and unique.

So here is the list of requirements before applying for Google AdSense

  1. Your website must be fully completed not in the development stage
  2. Your website must be at least 3 months old
  3. At least 20 unique rich articles
  4. Privacy Policy Page
  5. Terms and condition page
  6. About us page
  7. Comply with Google Adsense program policy

How to apply for Adsense?

To apply for AdSense simply visit

Google Adsense

Click on get started to sign up to AdSense, you can use your Gmail account to sign up

Add your site to Google Adsense by entering your website URL and email to continue

You will be provided a code paste the code in the header of your website/blog, for WordPress just search for header plugin and paste the code.

Your website will be reviewed and when approved, ads will start displaying on your website and if your Adsense application is rejected, you will be notified through your email and the reason it was rejected,  you will usually get a response within 2 weeks of application.

How to complete AdSense ID verification?

Adsense now require to complete ID verification to complete the setup, you can upload your National ID card or Nigerian Voters card that matches the account name and If you choose to open a business account, you will need to upload a CAC certificate with your business name, you will receive a response

How to receive and verify AdSense PIN?

After you’ve your revenue has reached $10 a pin will be sent to your address to verify your location, you will receive a PIN through your local post office, if you want to receive it faster by getting a call from the phone office, in your address 2 input your phone number

How do I get payment from Adsense?

After verifying your AdSense PIN you can receive payment to your Nigerian Savings account by just entering your Account Name, Banks Name, Swift Code and your account number, you will receive payment when your previous month balance is up to $100 on the 21st of every month.

What to do after getting approved on Adsense

After you have been approved on google AdSense you will need to create an ad unit and copy the code to your website where you want the ads to be displayed, you can add multiple codes to a page. Work on growing your traffic to earn more with Adsense, the more traffic and clicks you get the more revenue you will be generating and also Do not click on your ads, it can cause Adsense to ban/disable your account.

That’s all so go ahead and prepare your website for Google Adsense and try applying its very easy to set up, you can also check out 10 online businesses you can try.