Blogging has become one of the ways to make cool passive or active income online, you can earn a lot with a blog, Today we will discuss how to start a blog your self, we will be discussing:

  • Types of Blogs
  • Choosing a blog name
  • How to Create a Blog
  • Some startup tips

Types of Blog

Before starting a Blog you need to know what kind of blog you want or what are the things you’d be doing or posting on your blog, we have different niches of blog for example

  • Food blogs.
  • Travel blogs.
  • Health and fitness blogs.
  • Lifestyle blogs.
  • Health
  • Fashion and beauty blogs.
  • Photography blogs.
  • Personal blogs.
  • News blogs
  • Educational

Before starting you should be able to know what you are into and also what you can do the most, though in Nigeria here we usually combine all the niche on a single blog fr example you will see a blog with News, Health, Fashion, Education etc all on a single blog.

Choose a niche that you think is suitable for you.

Choosing a blog name

After knowing the kind of blog you want to dive into choosing a name is an important aspect, the name is what represents your blog and also its what your users will know your site with, so this step is very crucial, I have seen many make mistakes in choosing a blog and when they realized its already too late for them, so I have outlined some rules to guide you when choosing a blog name.

  1. Always choose a name that is easily remembered this is very important
  2. Try to make the name short
  3. Choose a name that is related to the service you offer
  4. Avoid hyphens and numbers if possible
  5. Check if it’s not trademarked

How to create a blog

Before starting let’s talk about the two ways blogs are hosted, there are two ways in which blogs are hosted which are Hosted and Non-Hosted.

In Non-hosted blog scripts, codes are downloaded and you will be hosting them on your web server (Host) which give your greater functionality and freedom to modify the coding, whereby

in Hosted you register with a blog service that hosts your blog and handle all the complexity plus maintaining and updating the software. Examples are,, and more

Hosted blogs are simple to set up and operate as you just need a few clicks to get everything up and ready which Non-hosted you will need to buy a server (host) from any hosting company and also a domain to point to your server to start operating a Non-hosted blog

How to set up a hosted blog

To get started with a hosted blog choose your preferred blog service provider I recommend Blogger or (You can search online for their difference and comparison).

Creating a Blogger (Blogspot) Blog

  • To get started with Blogger visit and click on create your Blog
  • It will take you to a sign-in page, Sign in using your Google account, if you don’t have then create a new one.
  • After making a choice you will be redirected to the blogger dashboard
  • Click on create new Blog
  • Choose a title and address of your blog, choose a template for the blog
  • Your Blog has been created, you can now create new posts
  • Enter your post title at the top text area and the contents of your post in the large text area, you can add images and videos to your post, Format text by adding colours, fonts, size, styles etc. click Publish when done.
  • You can customize the layout of your blog using the layout tab you can arrange, Add and Remove items from your blog.
  • In the template tab, you select a predefined template by google for your blog.

Creating a Hosted WordPress blog

  • To get started with hosted WordPress blog visit and click on get started.
  • Enter your email, username, password and sign up, you can also sign up using your Google account.
  • Enter the domain name of your choice to get started domain is free
  • You can start free or choose a plan to continue
  • Your blog will be created following the steps, choose themes and customize your blog.

How to set up a Non-Hosted Blog

To set up a Non-Hosted blog you will need to buy a domain, hosting plan, you can get a domain from places like whogohost, domainking, GoDaddy, Namecheap and more. You can also get a hosting plan from them also. Let me define the term Hosting and Domain for beginners.

A Host is like a space where your website files are stored and access upon request.

While a domainĀ is like your unique address that points all visitors to your files on the host.

After getting your domain and host goto to download WordPress or

Visit your Cpanel on your hosting site and check for software installer, select WordPress fill in your site name, description and install