Starting up is business is not an easy task, from choosing a business to planning, developing and managing a business. We will discuss the 50 most lucrative business startup ideas here in Nigeria.


Fast Food

Food is an essential part of everyone’s daily activities, people especially in urban areas where almost everyone is busy with work barely have time to cook. You can start yourself if you are a great cook or employ cooks to help run the business.


In recent days almost everyone goes online to search for things, either News, tutorials, videos or music, Blogging is a very lucrative business idea now and it’s selling like a hot cake. You just need a few things to start up your blog.

Freelance writing

If you are good at writing poems, stories, articles, projects or proofreading you can make cool cash writing for people or proofreading people articles or projects. You can register with online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour or Freelancer to get clients to work with and earn some money, you can also write projects for people/students around.

Web design

Many organisation now understands the importance of online presence, every day thousands of new websites are been developed and website design earn huge income, nowadays you don’t even need to learn programming to start website development, you can create a professional website with free CMS (content management system) and website builders. You can earn a fortune designing websites for people.

Recharge card business

The recharge card business is very profitable especially if you are doing wholesale, almost everyone uses a phone from the rural to urban areas, recharge card business is very profitable especially if you are selling in large quantities.

Laundry business

Dry cleaning service businesses are very lucrative especially in the urban areas where most people are busy with their daily activities and barely have time to wash their clothes themselves. You can start small and increase as time goes by.


One thing ladies care about the most is their hairstyles, ladies often change their hairstyles hairstylist is a very lucrative business here in Nigeria all you need is to get a place to work if you can or employ some hairstylist to work for you.

Sports Betting Shop

Sports betting has become one of the best lucrative businesses in Nigeria, almost everyone is into betting, you can start a small Bet9ja, Betking, Merrybet shop in your locality and earn cool cash as an agent, earn commission and interest.

(Okrika) Used Clothes

In Nigeria we buy used items more than the new ones, selling used clothes also know as Okrika is a very nice business, you can start with a little amount and advance to buying in large quantity, you can also package them and sell them for a good price.

Snacks Making

You can start by making snacks and selling them from your locality, you can also improve your marketing by package them. You can start a simple snacks business like Plantain Chips, Potato chips, Popcorn, chin chin and more.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a very nice business here in Nigeria, you can start a broiler farm with 10-20 chick, poultry feed are now sold everywhere, you just need to make a good shelter for them and feed them, big broilers now cost about N5,000, its not a bad idea to venture into the market.

Tomato Farming Business

Phone Accessories Business

Gym Business

Home tutor

Mobile Phone Repairs

Car Wash

Barbing Salon

Home tutor

Event planning

Real Estate Agency


Beauty & Makeup

Logistics Business

Bakery Business