Today we will discuss 10 ways to make income online with your computer, mobile phone and internet connection. Here are some ways you can make a passive or full-time income doing stuff online. Here you can learn how to make money online with your smartphone or computer.

  • Website Development
  • App Developments
  • Blogging
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • 3d modelling
  • Youtube Videos
  • Freelance Writing
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Drop-Shipping

Website Development

Every day thousands of new websites are being launched, most businesses nowadays are going online so making websites is very important for their online presence, website development is easy, you can start with designing websites with free CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla and more they are easily customizable website design tool you can make from blogs, portfolio websites, management systems, directory etc without knowing to program itself. You can later advance to learn PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and more to start advanced website development, website development is a profitable business startup idea and a long term investment, you can earn from 100,000 to 5,000,000 per website development.

App Development

Smartphones have become part of our daily lives, mobile app development has become more lucrative than ever before, people tend to access apps on their mobile devices more than any other place, you can learn Android or IOS development or even both their tools are free to download and use and plus they’re lots of tutorials online to help you start your mobile app development journey, you can make a fortune with app development either developing mobile apps for people or companies or even developing your mobile apps and uploading them to Play or App Store and earn from advertisement network like Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Mopub, Unity ads or through InApp purchases. All you need to start is a system and of course mobile data.


Blogs have grown in Nigeria to become our source of News, Music, Videos, Movies, education and more blogging is a long term investment that with dedication and hard work you can build an empire, you can choose a niche to start with either its News, tech, Music, Videos, Cooking, Makeup and anything else. You can earn from Blogging through Ads Networks like Adsense, Propeller, Asterra that pays for ads space on your blog, you can also earn from sponsored posts, affiliate marketing. Blogs are easy to set up and start, you can start with blog tools like Blogger and WordPress. It’s easy to start a blog, you create and design a blog yourself you don’t need much skill to get started.

Graphic Design

Every business now needs a graphic designer to either create the companies logo or design creatives to showcase or advertise their goods or services, learning graphic design is a good way to earn income, you can get jobs from companies or from freelance networks like Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Upwork and lots more, you can even make income selling your designs on marketplace like GraphicRiver, DeviantArt, 99Designs and more. You can create your  Facebook Page or Instagram handle to advertise and showcase your work.


You can make cool cash creating promotional videos for companies, short movies or comedy skits and upload them to youtube and earn money from them. learning animation in this era is a big win and can make you a fortune, all you need is a system and a creative mind to make wonderful animation, there are lots of free animation software online for you to get started with, you can make creative, eye-catching animations and earn through youtube monetization.

3D Modelling

This is an untapped market in Nigeria because of the complexity and power needed to render, but it’s very lucrative you can get to work for big companies, earn money from freelance, selling of 3d models or creating your 3d animation videos and earning from platforms like youtube, though creating and rendering 3D requires powerful systems and a lot of time to render but its a nice field to dive in.

Youtube Videos

Youtube earn a lot making videos, its easy to start a youtube channel, you can just log on to youtube and create your youtube channel, choose a niche you want to work on either its News, Entertainment, Reviews, Gist you can start and grow a youtube channel easily with the right contents. You can make money by youtube monetization.

Freelance Writing

If you are very good at writing articles, stories, poems, projects or proofreading you can earn cash writing for blogs, companies or be a freelance writer, you can register on freelance markets like Fiverr to get started with the Freelance Writing journey, its a nice way to earn passive income.

SEO consultant

You can earn money being an SEO consultant to help people with search engine optimizations, building a website is one thing, optimizing a website is another thing. Website owners are always looking for ways to be visible to search engines and being an SEO expert you always get to help websites in optimizing their websites. Many people are making big by optimizing peoples websites.

Affiliate Marketing

You can make money referring people to buy or see things, affiliate marketing is a simple way to make passive income from your social network, friends or blog by referring them to purchase goods or services, big sites like Jumia, Konga, Amazon offer affiliate marketing where you earn commission by referring someone to buy their products or service.


This is a way to earn big money by selling things you don’t really own, you make money by using customers money to buy things and ship it to them without owing the actual product. You make money by putting your price which is higher than the actual price of the item. In dropshipping, you may need a website or Shopify. You can learn more about drop-shipping Here.

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